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February 2011
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Global Shorts Forum: We are America

My Park Found Me
USA, 2017, 9 min, 48 sec.
Director - Luke McMahon

Three park rangers work and care for Biscayne National Park, located just south of Miami, Florida. The documentary tells about their experiences becoming park rangers, as well as their personal connections to the park.

The Human Face
USA, 2016, 13 min, 39 sec.
Director - Aline Pimentel

By giving meaning to each and every mark on his sculptures, artist Kazuhiro gives meaning to his own life. Experiencing what is behind every wrinkle of time on the human face, transforms a superficial mask into a window to the soul.

All American
USA, 2016, 8 min, 48 sec.
Directors - Michael Ayjian, Stephen Skeel

While he is one of the last surviving D-Day paratroopers, 72 years later, WWII hero Les Cruise flies again on the same plane from D-Day. This time his family boards with him.

The Real Thing
USA, 2017, 7 min, 24 sec.
Director - Brandon Kelley

A soldier returns home to meet his daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour.

Diana In Savannah
USA, 2017, 11 min.
Director - Bradley Beesley

Diana in Savannah profiles the colorful life of Diana Rogers -- a lounge singing icon in Savannah an beyond.

One Week In April
USA, 2017, 9 min, 10 sec.
Director - Matthew Palmer

A short non-fiction film that poetically tells the story of four American toddlers who, over the course of six days, accidentally shot and killed themselves this past April, 2016.

The Hammamis
USA, 2017, 14 min, 57 sec.
Director - Molly Bareiss

An intimate look at the struggles of a Syrian refugee family and the new hope they've found upon settling in the US, in the midst of the contentious national dialogue surrounding the entrance of Syrian Refugees into the United States.

The Prince
Canada, 2017, 11 min, 43 sec.
Director - Kyra Zagorsky

Based on true events, Olivia, a young tap dancer and her uncle Amir, an actor, struggle with what it means to be Middle-Eastern American and artists in today's racially divided world.

I Have Something To Tell You
USA, 2017, 8 min, 16 sec.
Director - Ben Joyner

A short documentary about Adrain Chesser, a fine-art photographer, who used his craft to cope with his HIV/AIDS diagnosis in his acclaimed portrait series "I Have Something to Tell You."

The Language of Ball
USA, 2017, 8 min, 41 sec.
Director - Ramon Rodriguez

A lonely teenager, new to the city, is forced out of his comfort zone one morning on the basketball court.
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