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Student Competition Block A - Adult

red house
TheRed House

Director: Jiaqi Lin

Producers: Larry Kaster

Writer: Jiaqi Lin

Cast: Felix Fang, Leann Lei, Makayla Gatmaitan, Peggy Lu

School New York Film Academy
Set in 1915 rural China, The Red House is the story of a 25 year old prostitute, Fangfang, and her struggle to save enough of her earnings to buy back her contract and her freedom. 


Director: Richard Rogers

Producers: Isaiah Wolfe

Writer: Richard Rogers

Cast: Sivan Ambrose, Donta Bernard, Daniel Cavenaugh

School University of North Carolina School of the Arts
A drug dealing basketball benchwarmer gets caught and blames his teammate to avoid punishment, spawning a chain reaction of events on high school picture day.

Grill Dog
Grill Dog

Director: Corey Aumiller

Producers: Daniel Leighton

Writer: Corey Aumiller, Andy Siara

Cast: Britain Dalton, Toby Grey

School American Film Institute
Collin (13) and Keith (7) run away from their family vacation resort in search of a ‘titty waterfall,’ but when they accidentally maim someone’s pet dog, they have to confront life, death and their own sibling rivalry.



Director: Eryn Montgomery

Producers: Eryn Montgomery, David Holm, Spencer Drees, Dan Wagner

Writer: Eryn Montgomery

Cast: Mackenzie Stephens, Anna Grey, Alec Van Bibber, John Newkirk, Maddie Sesenstein, Liberty Fraysure

School Wright State University
A portrait of youth and loneliness, freedom and heartbreak;. Desperate for love and attention, Rory struggles to keep control of her life, and risks losing what little she has left.

City Bus

City Bus

Director: Lauren Hoekstra

Producers: James Franco, Vince JolivetteGerren Crochet

Writer: Teresa Sullivan

Cast: Ahna O'Reilly, Adam Harrington, Michelle Defraites, Tyler Neitzel, Kristi Clainos, Vince Jolivette

School UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
A young woman who has peopled her world with imaginary gods and deities boards her usual bus to work, only to find the gods have commandeered it and are taking her back to the day she stopped living in reality.

A Visit

A Visit

Director: Jianjie Lin

Producers: Mufei Xu

Writer: Jianjie Lin

Cast: Nan Cui,Eryong Chuai,Shixiong Wang

School New York University Tisch School of the Arts Aisa
A mother's attempt to get her son into the best elementary school in the city.
The Listening Box

The Listening Box

Director: Westin Ray

Producers: Westin Ray, Austin Ray

Writer: Westin Ray

Cast: Peter Arpesella, Catherine Mersereau, Josh Dominguez, Katie Anne Mitchell, Denise  Loveday, Logan Kishi

School Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film
A modern day priest makes an unusual discovery in a confessional booth.

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