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2017 Student Block A


USA, 2016, 19 min, 58 sec.
Director - Song Huang
Producer - Koodae Kim
Writer - Song Huang
Cast - Jonah Beres, Austin Iredale, Kate Fuglei
School - American Film Institute

In a Catholic orphanage in 1960s, an introvert boy hopes to find a family when the arrival of a new music teacher challenges his faith.

The Artist Doctrine
China/USA, 2017, 4 min.
Director - Lukas Borovicka
Producers - Elisha Nain, Sasha Vemalanathan
Writer - Elisha Nain
Cast - Tori “Milan” Kurtz
School - SCAD

The Artist Doctrine a documentary series following six young artists approaching graduation at the Savannah College of Art Design. Before they embark on their creative paths, they discuss their recent projects, their fears as young creatives, and why art matters.

The Carpenters
USA, 2017, 15 min, 10 sec.
Director - Xiuzhi Yang
Producers - Xiangtian Zheng, Xiuzhi Yang
Writer - Xiuzhi Yang
Cast - Alexander Rafala, Dan Berkey, Nancy Nagrant, Marek Pavlovski

A handicapped young man tries to prove himself to his overprotective carpenter father by stealing his job.

Edward the Gorilla
USA, 2016, 3 min, 19 sec.
Director - Charles D’Avignon
Producer - Charles D’Avignon
Writer - Charles D’Avignon
School - SCAD

Edward the Gorilla is lonely on his birthday, but he gets a surprise present that certainly makes his day more interesting. Now Edward has to learn how to live with his new little friend.

USA, 2016, 3 min, 2 sec.
Director - Andy Yanez
School - SCAD

A young individual named Ilham who lives on a small tropical island receives two boxes from a
distant land filled with clothes for boys and girls. Upon trying several outfits on, Ilham realizes none of them feel quite right. An idea is born to create something new with these clothes. Time to tear, rip, and re-imagine!

The Fallen Swan
USA, 2017, 3 min.
Director - Win Leerasanthanah
Producer - Win Leerasanthanah
School - SCAD

Trapped at the bottom of a well, an abandoned baby swan cries for help from a flock of swans above to no avail. One night, light from above illuminates, revealing the swan’s true potential.

Iran, 2017, 5 min, 55 sec.
Director - Parastoo Cardgar
Producer - Parastoo Cardgar
Writer - Parastoo Cardgar

In the world of people with Rubik's cube head, there is a kid who is different from the others...

Leave With Me
USA, 2016, 3 min, 36 sec.
Directors - Mel Wong
Producer - Mel Wong
School - SCAD

Leave with me is an animation about a little schoolgirl whose imagination has taken over her world. Mocked by her classmates and belittled by her teachers, her world becomes twisted and the people in it turn into alien beings. Something is amiss in her surroundings however, and she must find it and confront it.

USA, 2016, 3 min, 02 sec.
Director - Stephenie Kandes
Producer - Stephenie Kandes
Writer - Stephenie Kandes
School - SCAD

Based on a Native American legend from northern Michigan about a mother and her two children whose island is destroyed by a forest fire. In order to survive the mother and her two children have to swim across this large expanse of water, searching for a new home. The journey, however, could prove treacherous for the mother and her two children.

Oh Deer
USA, 2017, 2 min, 06 sec.
Director - Cody O’Neill
Producer - Cody O’Neill
Writer - Cody O’Neill
School - SCAD

In a classic tale of hunter and prey, a monster chases a deer through a secluded forest for some
unknown purpose. Will the deer be the monster's next meal? Who's the real antagonist? And what do forest monsters actually eat?

USA, 2017, 4 min, 35 sec.
Director - Mark McKinsey
Producer - Catherine Andersen
Writers - Mark McKinsey, Ariana Fletcher, Mckenna Morison
School - SCAD

Vows is the story of a man on one of the biggest days of his life - he is incredibly excited, but is suddenly reminded of a deep sadness that plagues this very happy day with the person he loves most.

Why We Want A Dog
USA, 2017, 2 min, 18 sec.
Director - Alison Locricchio
Writers - Alli Gildea, Diana Carter, Emma Haupt
Cast - Lindsay Roegner, Alli Gildea
School - SCAD

Max and Paulie are two young and ambitious siblings yearning for one thing only: a pet dog. They decide to make a home video to show their parents that they do, indeed, deserve a dog. This fun and heartwarming story expresses how much a dog can enrich your life.

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