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Global Shorts Forum: Current Events - Block B

Fragile Storm

Director: Dawn Fields

Producers: Dawn Fields, James Popiden, Kelly Raymer, Debbie Rankin, Tina Carbone

Writer: Dawn Fields

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Mackenzie Mason, Jody Jaress
Starring Lance Henriksen.  A scared young woman goes to extreme measures to escape the clutches of a terrifying older man only to realize the shocking truth about who she is and why she's really there.


Director: Dan Krauss

Producers: Julie Goldman, Bonni Cohen, Lisa Chanoff, Deborah HoffmannDan Krauss
A purely observational non-fiction film that takes viewers into the ethically murky world of end-of-life decision making in a public hospital. A Netflix original short documentary.

A Few Seconds (Quelques Secondes)
Director: Nora el Hourch

Producers: Marie Jardillier, Emma Javaux

Writer: Nora el Hourch

Cast: Marie Tirmont, Charlie Bartocci, Camille Lellouche
The daily life of 5 girls living in a hosting center in Paris. All haunted by their heavy past (rape, violence, abandonment..), they even try to move forward. They all try to progress, except one : Sam.
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