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Global Shorts Forum: LGBTQ

He and Rock & Roll

Director: Yilei Zhou

Producers: Victoria Hochberg, Affonso BeatoChenge Zhang

Writer: Yilei Zhou

Cast: David Leon Espina, Russell Ewing, Circus Szalewski, Cory Storey, Caleb Hurst, Samantha Westervelt, Tony Knox
A story about a 1970s' American rock band and the love that grows between two men - the lead singer and the guitarist.

Spilt Milk

Director: James  Dunstan

Producers: Hannah Cole

Writer: Dillon Beagley

Cast: Lucy Chappell, Tom Rhys Harries, Bobby Schofield
An unconventional love story between two teens leading up to the night of their high school prom, as they begin to understand the differences and similarities of love, sex and gender.



Director: Graham Cantwell

Producers: Sharon Cronin, Indah Pietersz, Emma Carlsson, Ciaran Byrne

Writer: Graham Cantwell

Cast: Clara Harte, Dean Quinn, Leah McNamara
Lily, a girl with a secret on the cusp of becoming a young woman, is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life.

Poshida: Hidden LGBT Pakistan

Director: Faizan Fiaz

Producers: F. FiazFaizan Fiaz
Poshida is a groundbreaking independent documentary following LGBT individuals in Pakistan and explores their history, culture and challenges.

Underclothes (Roupa de Baixo)

Director: Lara Dezan

Producers: Juliana Lira

Writer: Alexandre Gennari

Cast:  Suely
In small-town Brazil, we are introduced to a local trans woman and the community she's part of in a remarkable tale that affirms acceptance is possible anywhere.
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