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Global Shorts Forum: Poverty, Race and Prejudice - Block B


Director: Lamia Lazrak

Producers: Lamia Lazrak

Writer: Lamia Lazrak

Camoflauge tells the story of Jason Johnson, a rising rapper from Savannah, GA who was fatally shot in the spring of 2003. The murder, still unsolved, is a reflection of the silence and fear that runs the streets of Savannah.

Soul City

Director: Gini Richards

Producers: Gini Richards, Monica Berra, SheRea DelSol
The story of a group of Black Power activists who attempt to build a multi-racial utopia in Klan Country, North Carolina during the 1970s.

Alive & Kicking: Soccer Grannies of South Africa

Director: Lara-Ann de Wet

Producers: Lara-Ann de Wet

Cast: Beka Ntsanwisi (Mama Beka), Vhakegula Vhakegula , Jack Abrahams
Filmed in the heart of Limpopo, South Africa the village grannies “Vhakegula Vhakegula” lace up their soccer boots and start kicking their way through centuries of taboos. Through their camaraderie on the field they play serious soccer then break into laughter and song as they wage a singular fight for a decent life, true health and a snatch at joy in a brutal world.

We All We Got

Director: Carlos Javier Ortiz

Producers: Carlos Javier Ortiz, Tina K. Sacks

Writer: Carlos Javier Ortiz, Tina K. Sacks
An elegy of urban America, and an intimate portrait of the people affected by violence in Chicago.

18 Over

Director: Tom-Lee Ziegelman

Producers: Hannah Renton

Tells the story of two female soldiers arriving to a watch tower for a night-shift at their military base. The soldiers are very different from each other both mentally and physically. The girls learn that they have more in common than they think, even if from different perspectives. What starts as an unpleasant experience, turns to be an important lesson about confidence and support.


Director: Michael Paulucci

Producers: Cagney Gentry

Writer: Michael Paulucci

Cast:  Patrick "Patches" Blanton, Harold Dennis, Jerome Anthony, Leslie Wells, Nicole Michelle Haskins, Sammy Ortega, Maya Dru, Emon McGee, Antwon Funches
A spoken-word performance gives a teenager the chance to share their true self, but there's an unexpected guest in the audience.
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