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2016 SuperShorts

Perfect Houseguest

Director: Ru Kuwahata

Producers: Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.


Director: Julio García Escames

Producers: Julio García Escames, Sherando Ferril Cupid, Carla Roda

Writer: Julio García Escames

Cast: Arthur Roberts, Austyn David Calvin, Ronda Suder

Tommy, a 5 years old kid, and his grandfather have to team up to face an alien invasion in their home.

Point and shoot

Director: Thomas Leisten Schneider

Producers: Jeremy McWilliams, Tom Whitehead, Max Thomas, Simon Wallon, Thomas Leisten Schneider, Simon Wallon, Don Block, Steeven Petiteville

Writer: Thomas Leisten Schneider, Caleb Scott

Cast: Lucas Near Verbrugghe, Caleb Scott, Donald Sutherland
When an attempted burglary turns into an unlikely car-jacking, two aspiring criminals learn an important lesson : only practice makes perfect.


Director: Diane Fredel-Weis

Producers: Diane Fredel-Weis , Gabby Revilla-Lugo

Writer: Diane Fredel-Weis, Jodi Miller

Cast: Peter Gilroy, Zack Pearlman, Brina Palencia, Cloris Leachman
A night out for two stoners takes an unexpected turn when their GPS goes haywire from a contact high.


Director: Kirk Kelley

Producers: Lourri Hammack
At the heart of Pâna când nu te iubeam, performed by internationally-known orchestra Pink Martini, is a Romanian love ballad of devastating beauty and ethereal loneliness. Drawing inspiration from a different view of everyday things, the short interlaces imagery that is ambiguous in origin, slowly revealing the patterns and forms of these details as they create a larger context and view.


Director: Aaron Sorenson

The stop-motion short Jailbreak, shot in black and white, follows the daring escape of a prisoner fleeing his cell and his quest for sweet punishment.

The Bench

Director: Cameron Burnett

Producers: Alonso Alvarez, Tomas Cordoba

Writer: Alonso Alvarez, Cameron Burnett

Cast: Harwood Gordon, Judah McFadden
There is more than meets the eye, in this random encounter on a park bench.


Director: Enrique Mendoza

Producers: Eric Medina

Writer: Dan Moore

Cast: Reagan James, Dion Earl, Kate Jacobs, Elester Latham
In a not-so-distant future, a new tech startup GLMPS offers couples a peek at a defining moment from their future timeline.

A Hairy Tale

Director: Shivangi Mittal

Writer: Shivangi Mittal

Cast: Saachi Sancheti, Chandrashekhar Dutta, Swapnil Pandit, Puneet Saraswat

A fun adventure of a young girl having her first hair cut in an all men's salon.

Experience Pakistan ft. Dead end that lives 2.0

Director S.M. Kumail Rizvi

Producers Mohd. Yousuf Ramzan
Pakistan Synopsized in five minutes. Over 1500+km traveled in 20 days with a core crew of 3 people wandering all over Pakistan to portray a better picture globally. from filming landscapes of Kashmir to the graves of Thatta. from the forts of Lahore to the sea shore of Karachi. from the soul of Khyber to the serene beauty of swat passing by all of the great versatility of colors cultures and people summing up 8 major cities of Pakistan.

Game Night

Director: Joel Fendelman

Producers: Joel Fendelman

Writer: Joel Fendelman

Cast: Errol EJ Jones

When a lonely taxi driver happens upon a football field, he falls into a memory of his past.

A Subway Story

Director: Eugene Kolb

Cast: Clara Flaherty, Eugene Kolb

Two people recount their first meeting on the New York City subway.

The Song of Wandering Aengus

Director: Matthew Lawes

Producers: Marlena Hellebø, Marta Sala Font, Matthew Lawes

Cast: Liam Cunningham

A short animated film by Matthew Lawes, based on W.B.Yeat's poem 'The Song of Wandering Aengus. Narrated by BAFTA Award Winner Liam Cunningham with original music by IVOR NOVELLO Award Winner David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia.
Little Sticker

Director Michael Chaney

Producers Michael Chaney, Michael Nolin

An ordinary icon takes on new meaning as a couple wrestles with different methods of grieving over a tragic loss.

Director: Sabrina Chaney
A young artist, dissatisfied with her efforts to draw, opens a portal that absorbs her within the pages of her sketchbook. There, she journeys through her subconscious mind in order to find inspiration. She confronts inner demons, comes to terms with her fears, and celebrates the power hidden inside her. Told through a combination of 2d, stop-motion, and 3d animation, Aether is a love letter to those who have ever struggled with a creative block.
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