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2016 Animated Short Films

Second To None

Director: Vincent Gallagher

Writer: Vincent Gallagher
The world’s second oldest man hatches a plan to claim the top spot.

The Treehouse

Director: Adan Díaz de León R

Producers: Adan Díaz de León R

Writer: Adan Díaz de León R
A story about holding on to our dreams. Molière is the son of a strict luthier who wants him to play a string instrument just like him. One day at the market, Molière discovers a new instrument: The trumpet. He realizes that playing the trumpet fills his heart with joy, but his father isn’t as happy about it as Molière, who will do whatever it takes and won’t let anyone interfere in his path of playing the music he loves, even if his biggest obstacle is his own father. 

Borrowed Time

Director: Lou Hamou-Lhadj

Producers: Amanda Deering Jones

Writer: Andrew Coats, Lou Hamou-Lhadj
Keep Moving Forward.


Director: Cyril Chevtchouk
Early 20th century, in a France devastated by an industrial cataclysm, two men are going on an expedition. They will eventualy make a discovery that will change the mankind’s destiny

Squirrel Island

Director: Astrid Goldsmith

Producers: Astrid Goldsmith

Writer: Astrid Goldsmith
A stop motion sci-fi action thriller about squirrel apartheid. Following Dot, a lone renegade grey squirrel, trapped on a hostile and mysterious red squirrel island. Teaming up with an extremely reluctant acorn partner, she uncovers a horrifying secret red squirrel plot. Can Dot and Mr Acorn survive Squirrel Island?


Director: Diego Maclean

Producers: Diego Maclean

Writer: Diego Maclean
A man sees images in clouds.

Green Light

Director: Seongmin Kim

Producers: Haejung Suk

Writer: Seongmin Kim

A story about a girl and a robot soldier thrown into the worst situation brought up by the misuse of highly-advanced science technology, trying to restore the land it used to be.

Red Point

Director: Motahareh Ahmadpour

Producers: Motahareh Ahmadpour

Writer: Motahareh Ahmadpour

Cast: Motahareh Ahmadpour
Look and see the wonderful city...with heart and mind....

The Story of Percival Pilts

Director: Janette Goodey

Producers: John  Lewis

Writer: Janette Goodey, John Lewis
While playing on stilts as a child, Percival Pilts declares that he'll never again let his feet touch the ground! He stays true to his word and compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall he no longer fits into normal society. A whimsical story about living an impractical life based on a childhood promise.

The Sleepwalker

Director: Theodore Ushev

Producers: Dominique Noujeim, Galilé Marion-Gauvin, Theodore Ushev

Writer: Theodore Ushev
A surrealist journey through colors and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonambulo by Federico Garcia Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.

The Lost Letter

Director: Kealan O’Rourke

Producers: Mike Keane, Brian Willis, Stephen Smith

Writer: Kealan O'Rourke, Will Collins

Cast: Narrated by Kate Winslet
The Lost Letter tells the tale of a young boy as he prepares his neighbourhood for Christmas. That is until he confronts the one lady who doesn’t want the holiday to come at all. The determined boy does all he can to bring colour to her dreary world, only to discover the truth behind her lack of Christmas spirit.

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