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Student Competition Block B - Kid Friendly



Director: Gavin Lankford

Producers: Noelle Aleman

Writer: Gavin Lankford

Cast: Daniel Cavenaugh, Donta Bernard, Chantey Colet, Harry Rossi, Chapman Zon, Sivan Ambrose, Keith Hobgood

School: University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Adventures at bath time.


Director: Whitney Stephenson

Producers: Whitney Stephenson, Shardé Griffith, Alex Lara, Jennifer Simms

Writer: Whitney Stephenson

Cast: Michael Baldwin, Addison Slater

School: SCAD
In a world where dreams connect, a by the book Dream Watchman has his routine life interrupted when an inquisitive little girl escapes her dream.

Dust Buddies

Director: Sam  Wade

Writer: Sam  Wade, Beth  Tomashek

School: Ringling College of Art and Design
Don't let your friends get treated like dirt.

Black Head Cow

Director: Elizabeth Nichols

Producers: Kesuma Mkare, Lenga Kirika

Writer: Flora Kipapurwa, Sioni Ayubu, Kesuma Mkare, Edward Elias, Hosea Isaya

Cast: Naserian Mzee

School: New York University Tisch School of the Arts 
In a rural Maasai village in Tanzania, a young girl is suddenly confronted by an arranged marriage, forcing her to choose between respecting her family and the traditions of her culture and going to school.


Director: Sabrina Chaney

School: SCAD
A young artist, dissatisfied with her efforts to draw, opens a portal that absorbs her within the pages of her sketchbook. There, she journeys through her subconscious mind in order to find inspiration. 


Director: Neil Short

Producers: Neil Short

Writer: Meissa Wilpers

School: SCAD
A young mother returns to a place of her childhood, where she recounts the joys and heartache of time spent with her father before sharing the memories with her own son.


Director: Nilo Batle

Producers: Helena D Batle, Agelio Batle

School: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
Using the transformative power of art, Gil Batle carves images of his twenty year incarceration onto delicate ostrich eggs.


Director: Yohahn Ko

Producers: Erick Steiner

Writer: Yohahn Ko

Cast: Pascale Roger-McKeever, Alex Straser, Christopher  Chandler

School: San Francisco State University
A bereaving mother relives an agonizing memory of her son through a fishbowl.


Director: Stefanos Tai

Producers: Lukáš Borovicka

School: SCAD
There is no remedy for memory.

Through The Pine

Director: Lucas Gregg

Producers: Lucas Gregg

Writer: Lucas Gregg

Cast: Damian James, Thomas Charles Walsh, William Gregg

School: SCAD

During a therapy session a troubled patient relives a traumatic event that occurred one day with his brother in the woods.

The Orchid Season

Director: Jinsui DU

Producers: Jinsui DU, Jing LU

Writer: Jinsui DU, Xiansi Peng

Cast: Zhong LV

School: Beijing Film Academy

This is a short film about the old people. A telling about their own lives, which is about love, people, family and the meaning of life.

Las Cenizas (The Ashes)

Director: Jacob Kirby

Producers: Ning Zhao

Writer: Jacob Kirby, Fiona Gorman

Cast: Matt Yocum, Fiona Gorman

School: SCAD
In the wake of a domestic tragedy, a turbulent pair of siblings travel to Cuba in hopes of finding peace with their estranged father in his home-land.

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