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Cajun Dance Party: Lost Bayou Ramblers

Come out and dance! The Lost Bayou Ramblers are a GRAMMY-nominated Cajun band from Pilette, Louisiana, led by brothers Louis and Andre Michot. The brothers grew up playing with their father and uncles, a family of lawyers, judges and state senators who played traditional Cajun music as Les Fréres Michot. The other Ramblers are Alan Lafleur (bass), Cavan Carruth (rhythm guitar) and Paul Etheredge (drums). Combining highenergy renditions of traditional Cajun tunes with western swing, rockabilly and the spirit of punk rock, their shows are a celebration of the modern-day musicalculture of southwest Louisiana. The Lost Bayou Ramblers are one of four bands “at the core of a renaissance in Cajun and Creole music. After years of recycled arrangements and graying performers and listeners, Acadiana’s dance halls are suddenly filled with young musicians, young dancers and a hardrocking approach to the old acousticinstruments.” -from “Cajun Sound, Rock n’ Roll Energy”: The New York Times
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